Cash Management

Cash Management for business

Control. Convenience. Security. Online Business Banking/Cash Management is a secure, web-based suite of banking products that employs the latest technology to allow you to spend more time focusing on the growth of your business and less time on the paperwork and trips to the bank.

First Sweep Service

Features: First State Bank’s First Sweep Service enables businesses to invest their idle funds at a competitive interest rate. Each evening, First State Bank determines the dollars available for investment, and sweeps them out of the business checking account. The following business day, the funds are swept back into the account and are available for the working capital needs of the business.

First State Remote Deposit

Features: Businesses save time and resources with the First State Remote Deposit solution. Deposits are made electronically from your desk using a scanner the size of a telephone. Once the deposit is made, images of the entire deposit are available to you for research and storage purposes. The First State Remote Deposit solution also provides businesses with a later deposit cut-off time, translating into faster availability to increase investment returns and reduce interest expense.